Focused Lean Manufacturer
Forward Manufacturing is a textile based Business that specializes in sewn GSE Products such as bagcart curtains, PC hoses and upholstery. We are an experienced team dedicated to customer satisfaction and producing quality products. Over the years F.M.I. has seen innovative results from this commitment. Chris Forward, owner and manager of Forward Mfg. Inc., has been materializing ideas and adapting to customized orders for over 25 years ."We're a determined company, dedicated to meeting our customer's needs." F.M.I. is a LEAN manufacturer. This means we use less to make more. Much of our success has been our unparalleled ability to establish a work atmosphere conducive to higher effeciency, fewer mistakes, constant adjustment, and elimination of waste, ultimately yielding improvement of quality, lower costs, reduced production time, and overall satisfaction of our customers. Rest assured, your order will be correct from start to finish with Forward Manufacturing.




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GSE and Factory Grade Reupholstery
Forward Manufacturing specializes in making products from vinyl coated polyester fabric. These items are typically used as bag cart curtains for luggage carts in the airline industry.Though this is our main line of production, there are a number of other quality sewn products that can be designed and ordered through Forward Manufacturing. We can make many different styles of curtains, seat covers, cushions, A/C ventilation ducts, and office upholstry, and will gladly fabricate to your specifications in a competitive way. Forward Manufacturing will complete the job on time and with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Put F.M.I. to work for you today and call us for a fast and friendly quote.